What is Image Management

 We are currently living in a very visual world, and looking the part has never been more important”


 Image Management is the ongoing process of enhancing the ABCs of one’s image that is Appearance, Behaviour and Communication. The key elements of your image are dressing, grooming, etiquette, weight management, verbal and vocal communication.


Most understand the basic concept and the importance of appearance, but fail to address this subject with strategy. Most talk of on-line personal branding, but fail to address the off-line strategy. Most create resumes and job-search strategies, but fail to leverage appearance to communicate their unique Personal Brand…

We help men and women become aware of their image and the major role it plays in their successes and failures. We then work with them to distinguish and improve their total image thus empowering them to achieve what they want – whether it is to get a new job, to make a good impression, or simply to feel good about themselves.

image-Image Management is the Art and Science of managing one’s image through Optimal Utilization of Resources (Clothing, Grooming and Body Language) to achieve one’s Personal, Professional and Social goals in various Life roles. Whether you’re an individual or a corporation, we teach you how to polish your Professional Image and help create Positive and Desired “First Impressions”.

Image strongly influences other people’s perception of your trustworthiness and intelligence. If your Personal Image does not accurately represent your Career Brand, people will not want to do hire you, buy your product or do business with you. Selling your Career Brand will be tough if it is not consistent with your Personal Image.

Eventually, the word image really means the impact of your Appearance on others and on yourself. Image, consciously or unconsciously, reflects who you are on the inside, your personality, your values, attitudes, interests, abilities and uniqueness. This “image from the inside out”; is to say, about reinforcing your positive inner values and countering the negatives.

Image Management is a Life skill. It encompasses projecting an AUTHENTIC, APPROPRIATE, ATTRACTIVE and AFFORDABLE Image, which is in sync with your life’s various roles, for the accomplishment of your goals. This life skill of managing one’s image, becomes a way of life, thereby increasing your confidence, credibility, capability and productivity…

“Spending the time and effort to develop your personal brand and image can mean the difference between delivering the executive presence to get the promotion and creating the perception of success and confidence and …”.__ Diana J